Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting Things Done - David Allen

During my holidays I managed to read David Allens book, "Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-Free Productivity". An interesting workshop type book that gives a practical framework to managing life's constantly overflowing inbox.

The book introduces a simple framework whereby all the "stuff" you have to deal with go into your inbox, you figure out what the next action for each item in the inbox is and based this simple, yet (according to the book) powerful decision the item is done, delegated or deferred. Sounds pretty simple and to be honest it is! I am trying to implement the system in my own work/life and so fair I have noticed a clearer head when trying to concentrate on a particular task. I don't have regular reminders in my head saying "don't forget this" or "remember to ..." and that is a great start - a clearer head allows me to be content in the actions I have choosen to do and not worry about all the things I have choosen not to do. I suppose thats the main benefit of the system, as Allen puts it you "feel fine about what you're not doing".

The book contains loads of examples of how to get the system working for you.

I am going to try and subscribe to Allen's framework religiously to see if it actually works. I even bought an inbox!

To get an idea of Allen's "Getting Things Done" framework check out -

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